The Sleep Health Foundation: Sleep Well, Live Well

In this interview, Emeritus Professor Dorothy Bruck joins HPR to take about the work she does as the Chair of the Sleep Health Foundation. She also discusses about the prevalence of sleep disorders nowadays and shares very interesting medical facts about sleep.

Emeritus Professor Dorothy Bruck is the Chair of the Sleep Health Foundation and also works as a sleep psychologist. Her main area of research interest and expertise is sleep. She has been thinking about, and working with many aspects of sleep for nearly 40 years. Professor Bruck has had a long academic career at Victoria University with particular expertise in sleep/wake behaviour, mental health, chronic fatigue syndrome, waking thresholds and human behaviour in emergencies. She has an international research reputation with 80 peer-reviewed full-length publications, 1200 citations, over $2 million in competitive grant income and dozens of invited international and national professional speaking engagements. She has received numerous awards and prizes, including a highly prestigious US award. Professor Bruck’s research has been regularly featured in the media, including Time Magazine and New Scientist.


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