Southern California Hospice Nonprofit Provides Dignified Solution to Hidden Housing Crisis

Michelle Wulfestieg, Executive Director at Southern California Hospice Foundation and CEO of Heavenly Home discusses how she is fighting the battle of homelessness for the terminally ill and how she is accepting those at Heavenly Home who may lack financial resources and have no other options for end-of-life care.

With the heart of a servant-leader, Michelle Wulfestieg is a two-time stroke survivor who understands just how precious life is and believes that as long as you are here, you have a purpose. Her own health struggles drew her to the field of Hospice where she has dedicated her life’s work for the last ten years, which is described in her award-winning book, All We Have Is Today: A Story of Discovering Purpose.

Since 2010, she has served as the Executive Director the Southern California Hospice Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the lives of terminally ill patients and their families. Today, Michelle hopes to be an inspiration to those who are struggling. Her greatest wish for you is that you’ll find your true purpose, using the gifts you were given to change a life, to make a difference, to do good, to be all that you can be.

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