Spinal Hygiene -The Neck Hammock [transcript] [audio]

Guest: Dr. Steve Sudell

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Dr. Steve Sudell holds his Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy and specializes in working with high intensity athletes on mobility, strength and post-injury physical therapy. He is the inventor of the Neck Hammock.  As a physical therapist, he saw a gradual up-tick in patients complaining of neck pain. While he was able to treat them at the gym, there was nothing he could give them to use at home. After he tweaked his neck working out, he wanted to give himself cervical traction. He grabbed a band, wrapped it around a pole and around the back of his head. Ten minutes later the neck pain was gone.

Segment Overview: In this Health Supplier Segment, Dr. Steve Sudell discusses the Neck Hammock, a portable device he invented for cervical traction to relieve neck pain. More information about the device: www.theneckhammock.com


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