Stories From Real Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. Metastatic breast cancer or mBC, also known as stage 4, cannot be cured and therefore brings a different experience than earlier stage cancer. Many people living with mBC often feel overlooked or even ignored.

mBC Unspoken is a new digital platform from Oscar-winning director Cynthia Wade which uncovers the difficult unspoken and real stories about people living with metastatic breast cancer, brought to life through artistic performance.

Cynthia joins us today, along with Jessica, a mother whose experience with metastatic breast cancer is showcased in mBC Unspoken.

Cynthia Wade is a documentary, commercial and film director who has won over 60 film awards worldwide, including an Oscar win for Best Documentary Short Subject (Freeheld, 2008). No stranger to the stories of cancer patients, Cynthia has written and directed several films on cancer, including ‘Mondays at Racine’ which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject in 2013. Cynthia’s films tend to follow a strong female lead enduring high stakes struggles or conflicts.

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