Stratatech – Advancements in Burn Treatments

Allen Comer, Senior Director, Research at Stratatech Corporation, a Mallinckrodt company, discusses a recent advancement in burn care and why there should be a move past autografting for deep partial-thickness burns. He talks about a cutting-edge treatment now available. Patients should consult their health care practitioners to learn whether it is appropriate for them, and about safety information. Please click here for the important safety information and full prescribing information.


StrataGraft®(allogeneic cultured keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts in murine collagen-dsat) is an allogeneic cellularized scaffold product indicated for the treatment of adults with thermal burns containing intact dermal elements for which surgical intervention is clinically indicated (deep partial-thickness burns).



  • Do not use in patients with known allergies to murine collagen or products containing ingredients of bovine or porcine origin.

Select Warnings and Precautions

  • StrataGraft contains glycerin. Avoid glycerin in patients with known sensitivity (irritant reaction) to glycerin.
  • Severe hypersensitivity reactions may occur. Monitor for both early and late symptoms and signs of hypersensitivity reaction following StrataGraft application, and treat according to standard medical practice.
  • StrataGraft contains cells from human donors and may transmit infectious diseases or infectious agents, eg, viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens, including the agent that causes transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE, also known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease [CJD or variant CJD]).

Dr. Allen Comer is a Senior Director of Research at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. In this role, he leads the company’s research and development efforts for its pipeline products, including StrataGraft ®. Dr. Comer also serves as Principal Investigator of the company’s contract with Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), which is part of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response under contract HHSO100201500027C. BARDA has funded in part, the development of StrataGraft. Prior to joining Stratatech Corporation, Dr. Comer led a series of research and development and drug discovery programs in both academia and industry. Dr. Comer received his B.S. in Biological Sciences (Biochemistry) at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C. He received his Ph.D. in Genetics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, N.C. and his fellowship in molecular genetics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wis. Dr. Comer’s research has been featured in 14 publications.

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