Legal Assistance on Marriage, Divorce, Child Support and other Family Issues [transcript][audio]

Guest: Judy Swan  

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Guests Bio:  Judy Swan, with over 30 years of experience in legal services, is currently holding the position of Principal at Swan Lawyers. In the past, Judy worked as assistant General Manager at Ord Minnett NZ Pty Ltd and at Cleaners NSW Pty Ltd for sixteen years where she focused on employment matters. Her expertise revolves in Family Law, Commercial Litigation, Employment Law, Commercial Law and helping start-up companies. Judy can speak several languages, which allows her to understand cultural nuances – this includes English, Afrikans, German, and French. Judy sees that law has become unreachable to most people and her aim is to bring the law back to its roots, which is assisting, helping, negotiating and managing unnecessary problems which cause massive stress.  

Segment overview: Courts used to have a traditional idea of how to deal with separation, marriage and divorce, but this has changed as the perception of a nuclear family changed through the years. Judy, being a mother of four, understands the complexities that may result in the separation of couples – most especially the psychological and emotional pain that every child endures in the process. Judy explains how courts deal with modern day issues in marriage, divorce, child support, property ownership, and other common family-related issues.

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