SyTrue, Inc., NLP OS™ Platform

Kyle Silvestro, CEO of the healthcare software company SyTrue, Inc., discusses SyTrue’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) Operating System (OS) NLP OS™ and how they are offering their services for free for COVID-19 studies. He also talks about SyTrue’s partnering with Microsoft.

Kyle has over a decade of healthcare industry experience addressing Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions and a deep understanding of clinical data and workflows. Kyle leads the SyTrue team in executing to the company’s strategy and evangelizing SyTrue’s solutions within the healthcare market. Prior to developing a passion for NLP healthcare solutions, Silvestro successfully founded and sold two companies outside of the healthcare market. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Chico University and is recognized as a national thought leader in NLP and the application of semantic search and retrieval.  

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