Tax Increases Will Pay For £20bn NHS Funding Boost

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that tax increases are needed in pursuance of the  £20 billion funding boost that has been pledged to be given to the NHS by 2023.

She stated that taxpayers have to pay more for their health care. The Prime Minister assured it would be implemented in a “fair and balanced” manner.

Aside from tax increases, a “Brexit dividend” and economic growth is going to help cover the costs of rapid increased spending.

John McDonnell of the Labour party and the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer said that this the funding model is “not credible”.

Government ministers have claimed that there will be some savings from Brexit to be used for the NHS but McDonnel is skeptical about that.

“Some of the extra funding I am promising will come from using the money we will no longer spend on our annual membership subscription to the European Union after we have left.’’ , as Mrs. May assures that the NHS will play its role to make sure that “every penny is well spent”.

NHS England head Simon Stevens has been instructed by the prime minister to coordinate with senior doctors to come up with some kind of 10-year plan that will include improvement in areas such as cancer survival and mental health.

“The government said plans to reform the system will be published in the coming months,” stated in the BBC News report.

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