TeamHealth Hospitalist Services – Study Participants of IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon Platform

Clinicians are acutely interested in delivering the best outcomes for their patients. One of the biggest challenges for healthcare providers is to get data that is reliable, accurate and timely. Dr. Rohit Uppal, MD, Chief Clinical Officer of TeamHealth Hospitalist Services, one of three groups that were compared in this IllumiCare study, discusses how Teamhealth is using IllumiCare’ s Smart Ribbon (a ribbon of information that hovers within a hospital’s Electronic Medical Record) to display real-time cost, risk and other data. The goal is to empower clinicians to practice more clinically effective medicine, while also being better stewards of resources. TeamHealth also worked with IllumiCare to measure the quality and cost of care provided by hospitalists and how one hospitalist group compares to another. 

Rohit Uppal, MD, MBA, SFHM, serves as chief clinical officer of TeamHealth Hospitalist Services. In this role, Dr. Uppal leads the clinical and operational aspects of the Hospital Medicine service line.

Prior to this role, Dr. Uppal served as a system medical director for TeamHealth Acute Hospital Medicine and has more than 17 years of clinical and leadership experience. Dr. Uppal is an accomplished physician executive with a proven track record of collaborating with and engaging clinicians, clients and stakeholders across the healthcare continuum. Additionally, he excels at organizational health, building cohesive leadership teams and clinician leadership growth and mentorship.

Dr. Uppal received his Bachelor of Science in health sciences from University of Nevada, Reno, and his medical degree from Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health. He received his Master of Business Administration from Cleveland State University and completed his residency at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Uppal has been named a Senior Fellow in Hospital Medicine by the Society of Hospital Medicine. He is a certified trainer with the Institute for Healthcare Communication and previously served as a certified facilitator for the “Crucial Conversations” course.

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