The Health Risks Associated With Obesity

Col. Robert Slay, M.D
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Col. Robert Slay, M.D.
Guest Bio: Col. Robert Slay, M.D., is a practicing emergency medicine specialist who is also board certified in internal medicine. He is a stand-up comic, who performs online as “Funny ER Doctor” and has been featured on multiple episodes of the TV show Untold Stories of the ER. After his own insidious weight gain, he was told that he was pre-diabetic and hypertensive. Dr. Slay and his physician wife re-evaluated their own lifestyles, and together, executed their own, simple “Battle Plan” that worked. The result: THE BATTLE BUDDY DIET: 2 Docs, 4 Weeks, Victory.

Segment Overview:
Dr. Robert Slay discusses the health risks associated with obesity. Also discussed are bad nutritional practices that contribute to widespread health problems.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello, you’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard. Our guest today is Col. Robert Slay, M.D. He’s a practicing emergency medical specialist. He’s certified in Internal Medicine. He’s a stand-up comic as well, and he’s been performing online as “Funny ER Doctor”. He’s been featured on multiple episodes of the T.V. show, Untold Stories of the ER. He and his wife are the creators of The Battle Buddy Diet: 2 Docs, 4 Weeks, Victory, a book concerning how they overcame their life threatening truncal obesity and how we can do it as well.

How are you doing today, Dr. Slay?

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