The Importance of At-home Testing, and Why It is Important for Patients and the Healthcare Industry

Ben Lejfer, leader of the DaaS (“Diagnostics as-a-Service”) team at Innovative Health Diagnostics (IHD) Labs, an FDA/EUA-approved, CLIA-accredited lab that offers both at-home clinical tests for individuals and white-label tests for companies/brands for a range of health conditions discusses​ IHD’s overarching goal and mission, the Diagnostics-as-a-Service and at-home offerings, why at-home testing is so important in today’s day and age and what’s next for IHD in 2023.

Ben Lejfer is currently the leader of the DaaS (“Diagnostics as-a-Service”) team at IHD Labs, where he works with digital health, telehealth, and fertility companies to support their at-home testing capabilities. Prior to his current role, Ben spent over six years at Contentsquare, a leading Marketing Tech company, where he led global partnerships and strategy. He has also founded a firm to acquire and operate niche software companies. Ben has a strong background in consulting, having worked as a strategy consultant in PwC’s advisory group.

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