The importance of plant proteins and real food goodness

Lara Merriken founder of Larabar joins us to share how she stays fueled with real food while on the go, the importance of plant proteins and real food goodness.

Denver-native, Lara Merriken came up with the idea for LÄRABAR, a convenient real-food snack bar, in 2000 on the notion that a sound mind & body is derived from what one eats. She was inspired by the idea to create a convenient snack that combined wholesome ingredients – just real fruits, nuts & spices – into a delicious, indulgent snack that everyone would enjoy, even former junk-food nuts like herself. She scoured the aisles of grocery stores and noting popular flavors of ice cream and cookies and delved into her own product development. With friends and family serving as focus groups, she tinkered with recipes using just a Cuisinart and rolling pin in her home kitchen. She officially launched LÄRABAR in 2003 with five delicious flavors: Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, Cashew Cookie, Banana Cookie and Chocolate Coconut Chew. Today, LÄRABAR offers over 30 different flavors – including the original five – and millions of LÄRABARS are sold each year around the world. Lara still lives in Denver with her husband and son.

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