The Need For COVID-19 Antibody Treatment

Dr. Janelle Sabo, Global Therapeutics Platform Leader at Eli Lilly & Company discusses COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatments and how if given within 10 days of symptoms appearing can decrease the risk of hospitalization and/or disease progression in appropriate patients and having a plan of action should a high-risk individual test positive. 

Dr. Janelle A. Sabo, PharmD, RPh, MBA is a recognized leader in drug development, clinical research and product delivery. Her unique background has driven a strong patient focus and desire to find innovative ways to deliver faster new therapies to patients and the global medical community. Janelle is a senior leader at Eli Lilly and Company enabling drug development and commercialization. Additionally, Dr. Sabo currently leads the global Covid-19 Therapeutics Platform. Janelle has extensive drug development experience including leading, portfolio management, and project management organizations. She also has held senior leadership roles in clinical research, global research and development as well as clinical trial manufacturing. Dr. Sabo serves in an advisory capacity to multiple drug development teams at Lilly and as an executive steering team member for external partnerships in drug development. She has been the recipient of multiple awards at Lilly and in the industry. She has been named to the Global Product Development President’s Council, twice honored with the Lilly Research Laboratories President’s award, selected as the University of Missouri Pharmaceutical Industry Alumni of the Year and recently named as a Pharma We Work For Global Health advocate for her work on the COVID-19 pandemic. She has served on dean’s advisory boards, including Butler University and UMKC Dean’s Advisory Board. In addition, she is the current Operations Leader for Eli Lilly and Company to TransCelerate, a pharma consortium. Janelle holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Missouri, Global Executive MBA from Georgetown University and a Global Executive MBA from ESADE- Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Sabo is a guest lecturer at several universities and colleges of pharmacy on drug development and has spoken at conferences within the pharmaceutical industry and was the keynote graduation speaker for the UMKC School of Pharmacy.

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