The Synthesis Effect

Dr. John McGrail, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Self Improvement Expert discusses his book, The Synthesis Effect that aims to help people create health, wellness, personal change quickly and profoundly.

John McGrail, Ph.D. is a renowned hypnotherapist, self-improvement expert and spirituality teacher who lives by and teaches a very simple precept: Life is supposed to be fun! He has helped thousands of clients and students from all walks of life create personal change, growth transformation in their lives, utilizing the power of their minds and personal energy.

Dr. John is a leading media expert on personal growth; his writing and expertise have been featured in numerous national and international print and online publications. He is a frequent guest expert on radio, podcasts and television and is also a highly sought after keynote and motivational speaker.

His book, The Synthesis Effect, (Career Press) has garnered rave reviews and teaches a very simple precept: Life is Supposed to be Fun!

Dr. McGrail resides in Los Angeles, California. His company is called A Better You, Inc.

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