The Terrorist Therapist [transcript][audio]

Guest: Dr. Carole Lieberman

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H., internationally renowned as ‘The Terrorist Therapist’, is a Board Certified Beverly Hills psychiatrist. Since 9/11, Dr. Carole has helped families overcome their fears of the ultimate monster under the bed… terrorism. Her book, Coping with Terrorism: Dreams Interrupted, was published in London as the anniversary edition of 7/7, their most notable attack. Dr. Carole is a three-time Emmy-honored TV personality on top shows, radio talk show host, and best-selling author.  Dr. Carole was Chief Resident in psychiatry at NYU-Bellevue and has served for decades on the Clinical Faculty of UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute.

Segment overview: Dr. Carole Lieberman, MD, MPH, discusses her new book “Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My! How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror” and how parents and teachers can have the talk about terrorism with kids.  

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