Titan Medical – Robotic Single Access Surgery

David McNally, CEO of Titan Medical, a medical device company that is focused on enhancing robotic single access surgery, discusses the development of a single-port robotic surgical system called Enos™, and the many benefits it can provide to patients, hospitals, and surgeons. Titan Medical recognized the need for single incision surgery from clinical input from surgeons performing both manual and robotic laparoscopic surgeries. The Enos system is initially being investigated for use in hysterectomies. The Enos system has not been cleared by any regulatory authority and is not available commercially. 

Mr. McNally earned an MBA from the University of Utah and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lafayette College, Easton, PA. Mr. McNally has founded, co-founded and led early-stage medical device companies that commercialized best-in-class surgical, life and organ support, diagnostic and home-care capital equipment, as well as disposables.

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