Tomosynthesis for breast cancer surgery

Tomosynthesis system technology that creates 3D images that enable surgeons to identify healthy tissue in breast cancer surgery.

Vikram Butani is the CEO of Kubtec, a Stratford CT based medical device company which he founded in 2005. Vikram created a vision of a small dynamic organization founded on the principles or rapid innovation of proprietary technology solutions that have a real impact on the quality of care for breast cancer patients. Through KUBTEC, Vikram holds patents in many different areas of image delivery for the practice of surgical oncology, including the use of intraoperative tomosynthesis for breast cancer surgery.

John Leach joined KUBTEC in 2015 as Vice President of Marketing. In this position, John has been central for the creation of key clinical evidence to support the adoption of the KUBTEC Mozart Specimen Tomosynthesis System.

Prior to joining KUBTEC John was Director of Strategy at Covidien Surgical Solutions, and previously Director of Global Marketing at Bayer Corporation.

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