Topical Analgesics for Chronic Pain

John Incledon, President of Hisamitsu America (the makers of Salonpas patches), discusses the Centers for Disease Control’s recent recommendation for physicians to consider the use of safer topical analgesics as the first line treatment for chronic pain.

John Incledon, President & CEO, Hisamitsu America, Manufacturers of Salonpas®. As a senior-level marketing executive, John Incledon has achieved extraordinary results in brand development and business value creation by aggressively challenging industry standards and consistently developing disruptive innovation. He has the proven capacity to successfully motivate large global teams to realize exceptional performance, while developing protégés to step up and run key domestic and international businesses in the organization.

John joined Hisamitsu America in 2010 where he leads a talented and motivated team to introduce the Salonpas brand of OTC Topical Analgesics, which is already among the world’s top analgesic brands, into the world’s largest OTC Drug Market; the United States. Prior to joining Hisamitsu, John was Senior Vice President at Wyeth Consumer Healthcare for over two decades. Early in John’s career he was Marketing Manager, Nutritional Weight Loss Division at the Thompson Medical Company where he launched the $50 million Ultra Slimfast business. He started in the advertising business with Carrafiello-Diehl & Associates as the Account Executive on the Lederle Centrum account.

John participates in numerous activities and continuing education programs during his career, including leading the MBA recruiting program at the University of Michigan; taking courses in executive leadership, business strategy, and finance; and coaching kids in the youth ice hockey leagues.

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