Transformational Coach and Counselling [transcript][audio]

Guest: Joelle Compton  

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Guest Bio: Joelle Compton is a professional counsellor, life coach and educator. She has worked as a nationally accredited mediator for several years and has people resolve issues in their personal lives and work lives to find a pathway toward fulfilment. She also worked as a coach and trainer for the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), Australia’s lead institution in Arts training excellence. Joelle is now the director of her own business, Transformational Coach and Counselling, where she trains people in various skills, including confidence, self-expression, self-awareness, vocal skills, voice and body connection, and emotional strength.

Segment overview: Transformational Coach and Counselling uses a holistic approach and uses evidence based techniques to help people to make changes and reach their desired goals. Based in Brisbane, Australia, owner and director Joelle Compton offers one-on-one appointments for life coaching and counselling, various training sessions and workshops. Joelle also covers areas of addiction counselling, relationship coaching & couples counselling.


Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar and today I’m in conversation with Joelle Compton. Now Joelle is a Counselor and Coach at Transformational Coaching and Counseling and she joins us today from Brisbane to talk about what Transformational Coaching and Counseling does and  where in fact they do it. So Joelle, welcome to the program.

Joelle Compton:  Thank you Wayne.

Wayne Bucklar:  Now Joelle, fill us in for people who are not aware of what it is you do. What sort of people come to you and what is it that you do there and where you focuses?

Joelle Compton:  Well, I have a variety of people coming to me from all walks of life. And my business it’s called ‘Transformational Coaching and Counseling’ and what I do is I offer services in counseling for individuals and couples. I also offer life coaching for individuals and I facilitate workshops in communication and emotional strength.

Wayne Bucklar:  So Joelle, Transformational Coaching and Counseling as a business, how do clients finds you and what sort of work do you do?

Joelle Compton:  Well, the type of work I do is helping people to make change in their life. So I build emotional strengths of people, some people might come to me that have struggled with areas of resilience for example. I may have other people that come to me that really just want to make changes within their own personal life, their family life. Some people want to make changes even in their career. From my coaching perspective, it’s very goal-driven, and purpose-driven, or goal orientated purpose driven. From a counseling perspective, it could be a variety of things but ultimately it’s about people wanting to make that deep in a change within themselves and build strategies to better cope in certain situations.

Wayne Bucklar:  Now, I noticed you mentioned resilience there. How does that manifest itself? I just can’t imagine someone waking up the morning saying, ‘Oh my resilience is awful’. How does it manifest itself for people who need help with resilience training?

Joelle Compton:  It’s not like we wake up in the morning and say, ‘I have a problem with resilience’. It maybe the way people are managing different situations in their lives that come up against things and they’re really struggling. So for example, one of the intensive workshops I do is called, ‘Presenting for the Introverted’. So I will run these workshops where people have difficulties in social situation and they maybe … or maybe that they have to present or something. So what I would do is not just do a workshop where ‘let’s just pretend and get up and act in that situation’ which can for an introverted person can be very much emotionally draining. But look at how can you build resilience at a deeper level to be able to manage yourself through that situation and still accept the fact that you are an introverted person, that’s perfectly okay. So in terms of resilience, that’s just one angle of it. But ultimately if people that maybe time and time again in a certain situation, they’ve found that they’re struggling within that. They may not know that it’s necessarily and emotional resilience thing when they come to me but it may be something we can explore and see if the strategies that need to be built around that.

Wayne Bucklar:  And I noticed Joelle you do some work with addiction as well.

Joelle Compton:  Yep. I do and continue to do work with addiction. Just people who might be struggling with certain things like could be smoking, it could be drinking, it could be other drugs. Again that’s about really building those strategies with people who have, at a point, it’s usually with people at a point that want to change that pattern within themselves. So it’s not a person that’s forced to come to me and it’s usually someone who’s ready to make that change. So when people are ready to make that change is in far more greater success rate and helping them through managing that addiction.

Wayne Bucklar:  Joelle, whereabouts do you draw your clients from what I guess my question is about the geographic footprint that you can service?

Joelle Compton: Look, predominantly because I do a lot of face-to-face. I have a lot of Brisbane-based people. But having said that, I also do use Skype and FaceTime as well as a part of my service. So I have some clients that have limited mobility. So from that perspective, we’ll … I suppose I will use some sort of platform that works for them. The other aspect is I’ve had some clients at the inter-state also, they feel I’m a good fit for them. So they would prefer to Skype or use FaceTime or some other platform that works for them as well. At the moment it’s Brisbane-based that would definitely be an area I’m looking at expanding.

Wayne Bucklar:  And Joelle, for people that are listening today who have heard you and going, ‘Yes. That’s someone I want to talk to’. How can they get in touch?

Joelle Compton:  They can either Google my name, Joelle Compton or Transformational Coaching and Counseling. That’s probably the best way. I actually do get a lot of referrals that the people do use Google. For my Skype, often they’ll say they’ll look up life coaching Brisbane or they may look up counseling Brisbane and so on. But yes, predominantly my name or Transformational Coaching and Counseling. It’s the best and easiest way to find it.

Wayne Bucklar:  And for people who are looking for the website transformational-coaching- will take you straight to it or as Joelle just said, Google those words and you’ll find it instantly. Now Joelle, thank you for joining us today. It’s been a pleasure having a chat with you on the phone.

Joelle Compton:  Thank you Wayne.

Wayne Bucklar:  Now if you just joined us, you’ve missed my conversation with Joelle Compton, Counselor and Coach with Transformational Coaching and Counseling. But the good news is, on our website we have a transcription, we also have a SoundCloud archive and an iTunes archive of the whole interview and you can find those on our website. My name is Wayne Bucklar. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio.


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