Transforming A Corporate Environment Into One Of Positive Thoughts, Enhanced Health, And Increased Productivity.

Donald C. Mann
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Donald C. Mann
Guest Bio: Donald C. Mann is a scientist and business growth expert who has been a guest on more than 40 radio shows. He has served in senior management positions in the banking and chemical industries and is currently president and CEO of RiteMann Consulting. Mann has a BA in chemistry and an MA in science education-biochemistry from East Carolina University. His book is called OK,GOD, NOW WHAT?: Activating His Ancient Secrets for Success.

Segment Overview:
Don Mann discusses why he wrote the book “Ok God, Now What”. He also discusses how he transformed a corporate environment into one of positive thoughts, enhanced health, and increased productivity.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello, you’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host, Neal Howard. Our guest today is Donald C Mann: scientist, business growth expert, and he’s also an author—the author of Okay God, Now What? Activating His Ancient Secrets for Success. How are you doing today?

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