Updox – A fax free future in healthcare

Michael Morgan, CEO of Updox, a single collaboration platform of digital document management for out-of-hospital healthcare providers, discusses how healthcare can break free of the hold paper-based fax has on provider communications.  He talks about how much time and money fax costs the average provider, how fax errors can leave protected patient information exposed, how greater interoperability between systems will cut down on fax use and why holdouts to going fax-free will still exist.

Mike Morgan, Chief Executive Officer. With a successful track record in high-growth healthcare technology organizations and helping organizations use technology to transform the way care is delivered, Mike provides data-driven leadership and aggressive growth orientation with deep experience across marketing, product management, business development and operational disciplines. Prior to Updox, Mike was senior vice president of Marketing for Netsmart, an electronic health record provider, which grew to become the dominant leader in the behavioral health market.

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