US FDA Approves New Diabetes Management Software

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the marketing for a diabetes management software created by Israel’s DreaMed Diabetes. (Reuters)

The AI-based diabetes therapy software is called the Advisor Pro T1D Therapy Software.

The program is specially created for physicians to help their patients manage their type 1 diabetes who need uninterrupted glucose monitoring and use insulin pumps.

“Advisor Pro enables patients using CGM and an insulin pump to analyze data and recommend to their provider when a change in diabetes-care treatment is timely and needed.” DreaMed chief executive officer Eran Atlas said in a statement.

“Type 1 diabetes, managed with greater attention, leads to improved patient quality of life and reduced payer health-related costs,” he added.

Advisor Pro is hoped to benefit 500,000 type 1 diabetic patients in the US who regularly use pumps, according to the company. Aside from the US FDA approval, the software has been given the European Union regulatory approval in February of this year.

DreaMed has raised $6.5 million from investors including Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd, and Medtronic – one of the world’s largest medical equipment development companies.

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