Valerie Ramdin’s Diagnosis Of Multiple Schlerosis

Valerie Ramdin
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Valerie Ramdin
Guest Bio: Valerie Ramdin is the organizer of the Tucson Inflammatory Disease meet-up group. She has a master’s degreein inner-city education from Northeastern Illinois University and a Ph.D. in counseling. She has reversed her many symptoms of multiple sclerosis, including partial blindness and limb paralysis, and now jogs four miles a day. She is the author of SMOOTHIES THAT HEAL.

Segment Overview:
Valerie Ramdin talks about her diagnosis of Multiple Schlerosis. Also discussed are inspiration for her latest book as well as how raw vegetable and fruit smoothies turned her health issues around. She touches briefly on some other illnesses that her smoothies can address.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. Our guest today is Valerie Ramdin. She is the organiser of the Tucson inflammatory disease meet-up group. She’s also got a masters degree in Inner City Education from Northeastern Illinois University and a PhD in Counselling. She is also an author – the author of Smoothies That Heal, and she’s here today to talk with us about how smoothies can help reduce stress and also, possibly, prevent disease. How are you doing today, Valerie?

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