Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Veteran Suicide Prevention [transcript] [audio]

Guest: Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Marshall, MD, MBA

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Elizabeth (Liz) Marshall, MD, MBA is the Director of Clinical Analytics at Linguamatics. She served as active duty in computer operations in the United States Air Force as part of the logistics team in Operation Enduring Freedom, the military response to the 9-11 Attacks. After her military career, she became a research physician that dedicated her time to informatics solutions to improve efforts to effectively treat the mental health of Military Veterans. Her work as a Clinical Research Health Scientist at the Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Administration Medical Center in Charleston, SC led to substantial gains in the areas of suicidality and PTSD. Her work led to her acceptance of the Research Training Institute Scholar Award, ICRC-S Injury Control Research Center for Suicide Prevention (2013). As project manager, she was responsible for the development of a highly effective e-learning training program for clinicians, “recognized by the government’s education system, the Talent Management System (TMS).” The Department of Defense has since requested to adopt this training for federal-wide usage. She has reviewed and abstracted relevant study information from electronic patient records of over 1,000 patients and approximately 300 clinicians for overall VA hospital care, including physical and mental outcomes of those patients. After these projects and prior to her fellowship training in Informatics at the Medical University of South Carolina, she served as an Assistant Professor where she served as the clinical manager for a nutrition study for Veterans in efforts to decrease suicidality.  

Segment Overview: Elizabeth Marshall, MD, MBA, Director of Clinical Analytics at Linguamatics discusses how NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology can improve veteran care and maybe even prevent suicides.


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