vFit Feminine Wellness Device

Colette Courtion, Joylux Founder and CEO discusses vFit, a device designated as a Low-Risk General Wellness Product by the FDA, that is the world’s first non-invasive, hormone-free intimate wellness solution incorporating a patented combination of red light (LED), gentle heat, and sonic technology for use at home. For more information, you may visit  www.getvfit.com.

Colette Courtion is an award-winning consumer marketer and business leader who has founded and served as CEO to three medical aesthetic companies, including her most recent company, Joylux- a global femtech company creating innovative medical devices and products that solve pelvic floor issues, such as incontinence and vaginal dryness. Colette has been featured in numerous business publications, such as Forbes and Inc, and her products have received accolades from consumer magazines like Vogue, In Style and Tatler. Puget Sound Business Journal named her as one of the Top 15 Women of Influence and Top 40 Under 40 leaders in Seattle. Colette was previously a marketing executive at Starbucks, where she was responsible for building and running the Starbucks Card, a multi-billion dollar program. She earned a BA from the University of Washington and an MBA from the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University. She is the proud mother to a very active 2.5 boy.


Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to this Health Supplier Segment here on Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard, thank you for joining us. We’re going to have a conversation with Colette Courtion, she’s here as the founder and CEO this morning for Joylux and she’s going to talk about vFit – a device designed as a low risk general wellness product and designated as such by the FDA. Thank you so much for joining us here on the program today Colette.

Colette Courtion: Thank you Neal, I’m delighted to be here and talk about vFit and what we’re doing to help change women’s health.

Neal: Well what is your background as far as healthcare is concerned and wellness?

Colette: So I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve spent my last 15 plus years working in medical esthetics, so working with various energy based devices, lasers, light, ultrasound to help women turn back the aging clock. And it was my recent I guess not, it’s been five years now, when I decided to tell my mother that I learned first hand what physically happens to women after childbirth. And women suffer such great consequences of childbirth, carrying your child around for nine months and then the actual delivery. And little did I know before I had my child that women have these symptoms such as access to bladder leakage or otherwise known as incontinence and … women suffer other issues like a vaginal dryness, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, the whole sexual function changes. And that’s when I said to myself “There’s got to be something better. There’s got to be a solution for women that can help them restore and feel much better about their pelvic floor health.” And that’s when I kind of had this ‘aha moment’ where I said I’ve been working in medical esthetics for 15 years. I know how these lasers and light energy devices work. What if we put the same scientific principles to the vaginal tissue and could we treat women using a low-risk device that use light energy like we do on the face but for the vaginal tissue? That’s the whole idea and how we came up with what is now called vSculpt and we sell that outside the US and then here in the United States we have vFit.

Neal: Okay. So vFit is a different device in the United States as the one that’s being sold outside the United States?

Colette: Yes, they’re are two different devices. They’re both based on the same scientific principles of light energy.

Neal: So this is something that that is non-invasive, hormone-free. How does it work and who’s a good candidate for vFit?

Colette: A great question. So light energy is this wonderful non-invasive technology that when applied to the tissue, it helps activate and energize the mitochondria in the cells. And when you do that, your body, the cells naturally do what they’re supposed to do. We call it … of cellular function and when that happens wonderful things can occur. Papers speak the fact that ATP is produced, that nitric oxide increases, that blood flow increases and all of that, then reduces inflammation, it helps build collagen elastin in the tissue. So the ideal candidate for a product like ours is women that have gone through childbirth and feel looser down there or things have changed and they’re just not the same or they’re gone through menopause and they’re experiencing vaginal dryness. So if you apply light energy to that issue, then you’re going to help restore the tissue and help your body to function the way it did before you went through childbirth or before you went through menopause. It’s done in a very natural non-invasive way. So that’s the premise behind our product vSculpt which is what we sell outside the United States. Here in the US our sister product is vFit, it looks a little different but the vFit product also uses light energy but it’s really to help warm the tissue, it helps really enhance sexual functions. So again as women age, that part of their body changes and they may not function the way they did when they were in their twenties, this gives them a chance to really reconnect with their body and enjoy all the wonderful things that sex and intercourse, and all those great things that we need which are vital to our overall health. It helps improve that and enhance that sexual function.

Neal: What about the the confidence that goes along with having this rejuvenation effect?

Colette: Well you know … the most important thing is any kind of tool that we as health professionals can provide women to help improve their quality of life is going to ultimately result in improved confidence and that’s what’s really important to women. Is that they feel more confident. So again with our devices, whether it’s vSculpt or vFit, after using our devices and I think is only 10 minutes a day for about 6 weeks, women feel more confident about their intimate wellness and health. And when you feel more confident, you’re able to do the things that you love to do without worry, without embarrassment, reconnect with your partner and just  feel more confident in your daily life, with your quality of life.

Neal: With September being Menopause Awareness Month are these products designed specifically for patients who are dealing with menopause or is it for any woman who’s maybe had some trauma down there, as you say, childbirth and not necessarily only menopausal women?

Colette: Yeah, it is I definitely for any woman. Any woman could benefit from our products that we sell around the world. I think what is interesting though is with menopause, our bodies go through so much and we just again, it goes back to this confidence where you asked me earlier – is with the changing of our body, we just lose that confidence and we don’t feel that we’re the same and we’re nervous that “Hey my body and my vaginal health, it’s different and I’m probably unique.” Well no, you’re not unique. Every woman is dealing with this but we really like to encourage women, older women, mature women to use our products because it goes back to it really helps them feel confident again about being who they are and enjoying life and enjoying life, enjoying intimacy … without worry or fear or embarrassment so I just really help with it. And so that’s why when we’re out there talking about our product, we really like to encourage mature menopausal women to look into it and embrace our technology and try it.

Neal: Tell us just a little bit about this buzzword ‘femme tech’ – is that an inclusive term or does it specifically deal with intimacy as far as technology goes?

Colette: Exactly. We now have a name for our category so being entrepreneur in women’s intimate health. It’s really difficult when you’re out there talking to investors or people about your product and someone coined this term Femme Tech and what it has become, it’s an all-inclusive term for any kind of technology that is dealing with intimate health issues. So it’s not just about sex or pelvic floor health but it’s really anything having to do with that so sadly so taboo to talk about so it could be about your period, it could be about fertility, it could be about bladder leakage, it could be about dryness, really anything having to do with the feminine issues that women face. And so now it’s called Femme Tech and I love it because when I go out there into the business world and I speak with investors and people that follow you on the business side, we have a terminology.

Neal: Well we’d like to go online and learn a lot more about Joylux and vFit. Where can we go online and learn some more about vFit?

Colette: Yes, our vFit product which is the product we sell here in the United States, you can learn more about it by going to getvfit.com and if you’re interested in learning more about our company Joylux and the mission that we’re doing on a global basis which is all about empowering women to lift their best lives and all these solutions that we are working on to help women with their health, you can go to joyluxinc.com

Neal: Great. Colette Courtion, a great interview. Thank you for joining us here on the program today.

Colette: Thank you Neal, I enjoy speaking with you.

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