VivaLNK Partners with Mazzetti For Remote Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients

Jiang Li, founder and CEO of VivaLNK, a provider of connected healthcare solutions discusses the partnership with Mazzeti, a provider of healthcare building systems engineering solutions. This collaboration allows pop-up facilities to be easily assembled and equipped with the technology needed to remotely monitor all patients.  VivaLNK’s reusable wearable medical sensors have been deployed in China at over 15 hospitals throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, and are now available throughout the U.S. to continuously monitor patient temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate, sending data wirelessly via Bluetooth to the respective caregivers to monitor and respond accordingly.

Jiang Li, founder and CEO, has both passion and extensive experience in bringing innovative technology and products into the marketplace. Li’s nearly 20-year career in high technology took a new direction when a routine health check landed him at the ER under examination out of fear he was in the middle of a heart attack. Noticing the outdated monitoring technologies in the hospital, he knew emerging technologies could be properly implemented and sought to apply his background in flexible electronics to healthcare. Prior to joining VivaLNK, he was responsible for new product and technology development as the VP of engineering in Kovio and Thinfilm Electronics, leading printed electronics companies. Prior to that, he worked at AMD and the joint venture between AMD/Fujitsu, Spansion. As the VP of product engineering in Spansion, Jiang managed the major new product launches in Spansion. Jiang holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang University in China.

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