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Sarah Thompson
Presenter: Katherine Lodge
Guest: Sarah Thompson
Guest Bio: Sarah also know as Miss Fit, discovered Pole Dancing when she was over 40. She and her partner set up her own studio, Miss Fit Dance Studio, which you can find at www.missfit.com.au

Segment Overview:
Sarah talks about how she got involved in pole dancing and tells us about her Dance Studio.


Health Professional Radio

Katherine Lodge: Thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m Katherine, and today we are joined by Sarah Thompson, also known as Miss Fit. Sarah is proof that pole dancing is about attitude and not about age. Sarah didn’t have a background in dancing or gymnastics, but discovered pole dancing when she was over 40. It’s an effective form of exercise, and seeing results herself, she and her partner, John, set up their own studio and Miss Fit Dance Studio was born. Seven years later, and four studios later, teaching pole dancing keeps Sarah fit and energised. Welcome to our show, Sarah.

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