What Is Breast Thermography: How It Works To Detect Changes In The Breast Tissue That Indicate The Risk Of Breast Cancer.

Dr. William Hobbins
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Dr. William Hobbins
Guest Bio:
Dr. William Hobbins was one of the original researchers in mammography. He did a 7 year study 1965-1972 (mammography) and won an award for finding non-palpable cancers. Many mammographers were also thermographers at this time.
Dr. Hobbins studied with the thermography creators Guthrie and Gro in France and the breast thermography creator Dr Ray Lawson. He returned to the US in 1971 and imaged 100,000 women from 71-75. Dr. Hobbins is the leading researcher in the United States. Thermography monitors vascular patterns in the breasts which is affected by estrogen stimulation.
Which lead Dr. Hobbins to study bio-identical hormones and their effects on the breasts in France in the70s and 80s.

Segment Overview:
Dr. William Hobbins talks about the benefits of pre-op and post-op thermography screenings. He also briefly discusses the link between hormones and breast cancer.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host, Neal Howard. Our guest in studio today is Dr. William Hobbins. He is the leading researcher in breast thermography and also the co-author of a book, Breast Cancer Boot Camp: Dr. Hobbins’ Breast Thermography Revolution, co-written with Wendy Sellens. How are you doing today, Dr. Hobbins?

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