Why a Messy Car Makes You Unhappy

Dr. Michelle Niedziela, PhD, Behavioral Neuroscience Expert and VP of Research and Innovation at HCD Research discusses a first-of-its-kind study for Jiffy Lube that used brain activity to uncover the connection people have with their cars and how the condition of their vehicle affects their well-being.

Michelle Murphy Niedziela (PhD) is a behavioral neuroscience expert in neuropsychology, psychology and consumer science, experienced in both academics and industry. Michelle obtained a PhD and Master’s in behavioral neuroscience and behavioral neurogenetics from Purdue University’s IBRC (Ingestive Behavior Research Institute) program and a BS in psychology and neuroscience from Florida State University. Michelle began her career as a post-doctoral fellow at Monell Chemical Senses Center working on industry sponsored research of functional ingredients. She continued her career at Johnson & Johnson as technical lead for the Behavioral Science Innovation programs. At Mars Chocolate, Michelle worked on global sensory projects and ingredient sourcing. Currently VP of Research & Innovation at HCD Research, Michelle now focuses on integrating applied consumer neuroscience tools with traditional market and consumer research methods used to measure consumer response.

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