Jason Smith Talks About A Foundation Called Work 4 Significance Day

Presenter: Katherine
Guest: Jason Smith
Guest Bio: He is a physiotherapist, author, successful entrepreneur and the director of the group Back in Motion Health Group. | www.sosfoundation.org.au


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Katherine: Thanks for listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Katherine and today we are joined by Jason Smith. He is a physiotherapist, author, successful entrepreneur, and the founder and the National Director of the Back in Motion Health Group. Thank you for joining us today, Jason.

Jason Smith:   Thanks Katherine.  Thanks for having me on the programme.

Katherine:   Now today I wanted to talk to you about, firstly, SOS Health Foundation.  Can you tell us a bit about that and how it got started?

Jason:   The SOS Health Foundation, it’s a not-for-profit organisation.  It’s been started by physiotherapists and it’s specifically dedicated to improving the health of disadvantaged Australians, both in urban and remote areas of our country (mostly through physiotherapy, but sometimes other related services) — because we feel, in many ways, there are some very impoverished communities within our county who just don’t get enough access to good healthcare.

Katherine:   Right, exactly.  We understand that on the 3rd of September, which is tomorrow, there is a Health for Significance Day.  Can you tell us a bit about that day?

Jason:   So, every year the SOS Health Foundation has … it denotes one single day in the calendar for their premier fundraising and awareness raising activities, and we call that Work 4 Significance.  So, to tie in with the namesake of the SOS Health Foundation which actually stands for ‘Success’ or ‘Significance’ (that’s the play on words in the name of the Foundation), we call this Work 4 Significance Day.

It’s 3rd of September, Tuesday this year, as you say — tomorrow.  It is really about building on the premise that health professionals all over the country would donate a day’s work or a day in the life of their career to not just help the patients and the clients that they would normally deal with, but use that as an opportunity to give back to the broader community, and in particular, those who are at risk or who are suffering some form of social poverty.  They do that through pooling their resources and their time, and it leads to a great outcome.

Katherine:   Yeah, great.  What are some of the proceeds and how is this money going to be used officially with your group, ‘Back in Motion’?

Jason:   Well, the Back in Motion Health Group is really just a participator in the SOS Health Foundation Work 4 Significance Day.  So, whilst I founded the Back in Motion Health Group and I also founded SOS Health Foundation, they’re two quite distinct organisations with different boards of governance and different mission or activities.  Actually we have about 36 of our own practices, the Back in Motion Health Group, participating in the day, but there are allied health practitioners all over the country that are also participating in Work 4 Significance Day.

The proceeds of all of the activity tomorrow gets very carefully managed through the board of the SOS Health Foundation, and it’s really used for three main purposes:  It’s used to fund a pro-bono health clinic for homeless people or people suffering from social poverty, and that’s in partnership with the Salvation Army.

The second activity that the proceeds go towards is to fund regular health outreach missions — which is where we fly practitioners and support staff in and out of very remote and regional parts of Australia, helping mostly indigenous communities where health is a really major concern.

Thirdly, it’s used to actually fund medical and health related equipment for areas where there is just not enough resource around.  So the SOS Health Foundation takes responsibility for arranging and managing all of that, and The Back in Motion Health Group is just extremely excited to be able to participate in it by getting volunteer staff and of course using tomorrow as an opportunity to raise as many funds as we can.

Katherine:   Yeah, it sounds fantastic!  And for those of you that are listening, you can help Work 4 Significance Day by simply donating online or booking a consultation at our participating health practice to help raise funds for the SOS Health Foundation.  You can learn more about this on the website www.sosfoundation.com.au.  Thank you so much for your time today Jason.

Jason:   Great Katherine.  Thank you very much for the opportunity.

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