World Sleep Day Shines Spotlight On Sleep Deprivation

Andria Aird, Pharmacist-owner at Blooms The Chemist Port Coogee and Blooms The Chemist Joondalup, talks to Health Professional Radio about the impact of sleep deprivation and sleep apnoea on Australians ahead of World Sleep Day (March 19th). 

Alarming statistics about the physical and mental impact of poor sleep are on the agenda this World Sleep Day as Australia’s leading community pharmacy group, Blooms The Chemist, aims for a national Wakeup Call record, shining the spotlight on the dangers of leaving sleep issues such as sleep apnoea unchecked. According to The Sleep Health Foundation (2021), sleep issues are on the rise following high levels of disruption to our lives brought on by the change in lifestyle patterns due to COVID-19.Poor sleep hygiene affects our immunity which is vitally important during this time.

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Andria Aird has spent her entire career working in pharmacy and is passionate about delivering high-quality personal service and care. Joining Blooms The Chemist in 2018 as the Pharmacist-owner of Blooms The Chemist Port Coogee and Blooms The Chemist Joondalup, Andria continues to work closely with her customers and community to help people achieve optimal health and live their best life. She also enjoys mentoring her team and younger Pharmacists, helping to support the future of community pharmacy in Australia.

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