Pre-clinical Study on Medicinal Cannabis as Potential Treatment for Triple Negative Breast

Dr_Stewart_Washer_Zelda_TherapeuticsGuest: Dr. Stewart Washer
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Dr Stewart Washer has 20 years of CEO and board experience in medical technology, biotech and agrifood companies. He is currently Chairman of ASX-listed Orthocell Ltd (culturing tendon cells to repair damaged tendons), and Chairman of privately-held Minomic International Ltd (accurate non-invasive test for prostate cancer). Stewart has held several past senior executive roles including CEO of Celentis, and managed the commercialisation of intellectual property from AgResearch in New Zealand with 650 Scientists and $130m revenues. He was also a founder of a NZ$120m New Zealand based life science fund and Venture Partner with the Swiss based Inventages Nestlé Fund. Stewart resides in Australia.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, we are joined by the Executive Director of Zelda Therapeutics Dr. Stewart Washer here to talk about the results of their ongoing research into the effects of cannabinoids against various types of human breast cancers. While most successful treatments such as hormone therapy are options for breast cancer patients, triple negative breast cancer is more difficult to treat and usually require a combination of therapies, of which chemotherapy is a major one. The results from the study show that Zelda’s THC-rich medicinal cannabis oil formulation is another major potential treatment for this hard-to-treat cancer. Doctor Washer says that is where doctors are going to be excited as the company take this through – another weapon in the armour against breast cancer.

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