5 Ways Seniors Can Fight Loneliness

It’s a fact that while most seniors claim that they would prefer to age in their own homes, living alone can lead to loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Our seniors account for more than a quarter of the population, and it’s up to all of us, especially family members, to ensure that they are well cared for and living their best golden years.

Depression and loneliness in seniors are real problems. Many seniors that live alone have gone through the devastating loss of their spouses and dealing with family members that have moved away from the area. This leaves many seniors on their own most of the time and in desperate need of companionship and purpose.

As we age, our circle of family and friends often shrinks, leaving us fewer opportunities to connect with the ones that we love. Finding purposeful activities that can help seniors to maintain an active social life, like keeping a weekly appointment at a favorite salon like Lux Hair Lounge, is essential. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways we can help seniors fight loneliness.

Regular Appointments

Having a consistent schedule of appointments to look forward to can be helpful in keeping seniors feeling purposeful. Adding regular meetings, classes, hair appointments, or gathering with friends to a weekly calendar can help seniors to set goals and plan their time with enthusiasm.


The wisdom and experience of our seniors are not something that we should take for granted. Our seniors have a vast amount of knowledge and skills that can be usefully passed on to the next generation. Many seniors are willing to share their expertise through mentoring programs. Sharing knowledge or training doesn’t have to take on a formal arrangement to be a healthy outlet for seniors. Whether seniors want to volunteer to share their skills or simply pass on their knowledge to a junior family member, becoming a mentor can be very satisfying for everyone involved.


Seniors have time to give to others. One of the best ways for seniors to connect with others and feel useful is by volunteering their time and effort on behalf of others. Countless organizations are always looking for volunteers. Setting up a volunteering schedule for your senior family members can help them stay motivated, give them a chance to connect regularly with others, and give them time to help others.


You are never too old to learn something new. Seniors have plenty of time to dedicate to learning and expanding their education. Educational institutes have special tuition rates and class arrangements for senior students who wish to broaden their education.


Most towns have a community center with programs that are specifically designed for seniors. Daily and weekly programs are an excellent way for seniors to gather with their friends, learn something new, and stay connected to their community. Talk to your community center about their senior program schedule.

Isolation and loneliness are real problems that are facing our seniors. Follow some of these tips to help your family seniors stay connected, engaged, and happy.

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