Sensi.AI – World’s First Virtual Care Assistant

Miki Rossanis, Head of Clinical Development at Sensi.AI, based in Tel Aviv, discusses the world’s first AI-powered in-home virtual care agent. Sensi’s technology takes on the growing challenges in long term care by providing data that helps in extending the limited human workforce that takes care of our older adults. Rather than aiming to replace human, high touch care, Sensi enables care providers to optimize their service, and provides a layer of support when there is no in-home human care present. Sensi’s technology provides predictive analytics of behaviors as well as cognitive and physical changes, identifying risk factors before they materialize and cause irreversible damage. Sensi is an invaluable tool in mitigating risk, aiding in early detection of conditions, and understanding and supporting the home environment and its myriad challenges for care. 

Miki Rosanis is the Head of Clinical Development at Sensi.Ai. Miki brings years of field experience as an OT in older adult care and rehabilitation to guide Sensi’s research and development and go to market strategy. Driven by her passion to merge the worlds of care and technology, Miki employs her clinical background to create revolutionary change in the field of long-term care.

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