Dr. Ofri’s Most Recent Book, Entitled How Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect The Practice Of Medicine.

Presenter: Emily
Guest: Dr. Danielle Ofri
Guest Bio: Associate Professor of Medicine at NYU School of Medicine, Physician at Bellevue Hospital in New York
City, Editor-in-Chief of the Bellevue Literary Review and Author of four books, including her most recent:
What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine.

Segment Overview:
We discuss Dr. Ofri’s most recent book, entitled How Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine.

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Exercises to prevent incontinence

Presenter: Katherine
Guest: Michelle Wright
Guest Bio: Mish Wright from Mishfit.

Segment Overview: Michelle Wright discusses pre and post natal care awareness. She shares her own experiences in getting in shape through proper exercising after giving birth as it is difficult for many mothers to get fit.

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Workout plans and personal training

Presenter: Katherine
Guest: Serge Tsitalovskiy
Guest Bio: Serge is the creator of IdealBody4Life personal training and he’s been involved in the fitness industry from quite a young age.

Segment Overview: Serge Tsitalovskiy discusses his approach to getting fit with the help of doing workouts. He is the creator of idealbody4life which is a service provider focusing on help individuals achieve fitness and maintain healthy living.


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Electrolysed water systems, ‘The miracle liquid’

Presenter: Katherine
Guest: John Shanahan
Guest Bio: John Shanahan, the co-founder of GenEon Technologies.  They produce and develop this engineered water and we are also joined by Les Miles from GenEon Australia.

Segment Overview: For this segment, guests John Shanahan of GenEon Technologies and Les Miles from GenEon Australia explain their engineered water product and its benefits as we use it in cleaning. They offer an electrolysed water system that is both safe for both humans and animals. Listen to learn more about this.

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PTSD on older veterans

Presenter: Hannah Stanley
Guest: Brian Clauss
Guest Bio: Brian Clauss, the Executive Director of the John Marshall Law School’s Veterans Legal Support Center in Chicago, Illinois, of the United States.

Segment Overview
Older veterans are starting to have PTSD symptoms in greater numbers, and we discuss why.

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Long term consequences of pediatric hypertension

Presenter: Emily
Guest: Dr. Bonita Falkner
Guest Bio: Dr. Bonita Falkner, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Segment Overview
We discuss what is known and unknown about the long term consequences of pediatric hypertension, including the effects of pharmaceutical drugs on young patients.

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Understanding your dreams

Presenter: Katherine
Guest: Julie Anne Michael
Guest Bio: She is a counsellor, a life coach and a dream therapist, and is the owner of the business, The Dream Alchemist.  She believes that thoughts and emotions are a very important aspect of our health and wellbeing and dreams will provide an incredible insight into what lies behind stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Segment Overview: An interesting take to help individuals understand the meaning of their dreams. Julie Anne Michael is a dream therapist and owner of The Dream Alchemist and she shares her knowledge about dreams and answers common questions about dreams in this segment.

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