How habits affect your health


Presenter: Katherine
Guest: Gaye Kuelsen
Guest Bio: Gaye Kuelsen is the Founder and Lead Coach at Daily Bliss, and a specialist in women’s personal development. As an active member of The International Coach Federation (ICF), Gaye serves as the Treasurer for the local Queensland branch. Gaye’s professional coaching methods are aligned with the ICF Code of Ethics.

Segment Overview
Gaye is here to talk to us about the presentations she presents to women’s groups on creating Healthy Habits.



Health Professional Radio

Katherine: Thanks for listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Katherine, and today I’m joined by Gaye Kuelsen. Gaye is a founder and Lead coach at Daily Bliss and specializes in women’s personal development. Gaye is here to talk to us about the presentations that she often presents to women’s group on creating healthy habits. Welcome to our show Gaye.

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