Adopting a Growth Mindset on Adolescents Links to their Happiness and Success

Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Mike Ferry
Guest Bio: Mike Ferry is a middle school teacher and parent of four young kids. He focuses on helping children develop the habits of happiness and innovation. His new book, Teaching Happiness and Innovation, lays out that vision. Researchers have found links between happiness, success, and innovation.

Segment Overview: Mike Ferry discusses whether “mindset” is fixed or affected by physical and mental growth of children. He lays out the differences between the fixed and growth mindsets and feels that by adopting a growth mindset at school, we can bring happiness and success to our kids.


Health Professional Radio

Neal: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. Thank you so much for listening with us today. I’m your host Neal Howard. We have a returning guest in studio today with us, Mr. Mike Ferry. He is a veteran middle school teacher. He’s the father of four kids. And he’s also a published author, the author of “Teaching Happiness and Innovation.” In his book, he lays out how researches have found links between happiness, success and innovation. He is here today to talk with us about how the mindset of our adolescents – whether it’s fixed or flexible – can go a long way in determining whether or not their future is going to be a happy, successful one. How are you doing today Mike?

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