Australian Diabetes Advancements and Technologies Summit 2017

Guest:  Natalie Wischer

Presenter: Tabetha Moreto  

Guest Bio: Natalie is the Chief Executive Officer for the National Association of Diabetes Centre (NADC). She has also worked extensively in both management and clinical roles across acute, aged care and community health settings. With over 20 years working in the area of diabetes, her passion has grown to include a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and benefits of available technologies including telehealth and social media in self-management, education, and support of people living with diabetes. She is involved in a number of journals and publications sharing her in-depth knowledge through regular articles. Natalie is regularly invited to speak on diabetes and technology at national and international meetings.

Segment overview: Natalie talks about the Australian Diabetes Advancements and Technologies Summit (ADATS) 2017, which is offered to healthcare professionals in Australia for the first time. It aims to improve the knowledge and skill of healthcare professionals in the area of diabetes by covering advanced technologies, breakthrough therapeutics, and best practice innovations – this includes Apps, Gadgets, Flash Monitoring, Telehealth, and E-health services.


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