Bart Smyth On How Martial Arts And Tai Chi Helped Heal From Serious Injuries

Bart Smyth
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Bart Smyth
Guest Bio:
Based on his 25 year journey from addictions and accidents to becoming an International Healer and teacher of self-healing techniques, Bart’s expertise includes decades of training in Internal arts, healing arts, a combination of Hakomi-Jungian Psychotherapy/Shamanic teachings, and training with with Shamans in both North and South America.

Segment Overview:
Bart Smyth talks about how Martial Arts including Tai Chi helped him heal from serious injuries. Also touched on are how Massage Therapy in conjuction with the Martial Arts was beneficial in his healin process. A brief explaination of the “Inner Arts” of martial arts is given.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host, Neal Howard. Our guest in studio today is Bart Smyth, tai chi grand master, also a licensed massage therapist for 25 years in the healing arts. Some call him a modern-day shaman. How are you doing today, Bart?

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