How meditation can reduce your stress & prevent burnout amongst physicians

Dr. Jayaram Thimmapuram, internist, discusses professional burnout amongst physicians and how meditation can mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety and improve personal wellness.  He also discusses a study he completed on physician burnout.

Dr. Jayaram Thimmapuram is an academic hospitalist at Wellspan York hospital where he primarily focuses on educating and mentoring internal medicine residents. After obtaining Membership of the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom, he moved to the United States and completed his residency training at York hospital. He provides care to patients admitted with various health conditions involving cardiac problems, neurological, infectious, gastrointestinal and respiratory issues. Dr. Thimmapuram has a special interest in research and has several articles published in reputed medical journals. He is a recipient of “Outstanding teacher of the year” and “Resident of the year” awards.  Dr. Thimmapuram has completed research projects on Heartfulness meditation and its effect on lowering stress levels, burnout and its impact on telomere length, along with its effect on insomnia. He actively practices heartfulness meditation and offers meditation training. Dr. Thimmapuram regularly conducts stress management workshops using Heartfulness meditation techniques and has conducted over 800 sessions for health care professionals and patients. He is an international speaker on the benefits of meditation and has conducted multiple presentations on health and wellbeing for the general public, patients, and health care professionals.

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