Cholera Outbreak Struck Mubi, Kills 12

A medical official has stated that a cholera outbreak in the northeast Nigerian state of Adamawa has killed 12 people and may have infected at least 134 others. With nurses on strike and many others displaced by war, this makes it extremely difficult to deal with a deadly plague like this. Ezra Sakawa, medical director of the general hospital for Mubi, said, “We have little manpower to deal with an outbreak of such magnitude.”

Bwalki Dilli, senior official at the state health ministry urged the public to stay alert and should pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene. A dedicated toll-free telephone lines for health emergencies were also put in place by the state emergency operation centre. WHO together with other support groups had set up a 24-hour treatment centre at Mubi General Hospital.

The outbreak which struck the town of Mubi comes days after WHO’s announcement about the joint effort with the Nigerian government on preventative measures on all entry points to prevent the Ebola virus from entering Nigeria.

With Nigeria’s nine-year war against Boko Haram militant groups, people from the said country are susceptible for any disease outbreaks.

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