Functional Medicine: Whole Detox [Interview][Transcript]

Dr_Deanna_Minich_Functional_Medicine_Whole_DetoxGuest: Dr. Deanna Minich
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Dr. Deanna Minich is an internationally-recognized lifestyle medicine expert, creative visionary and teacher, and author of five books. Her extensive background in nutrition, yoga, and personal growth led her to create a whole-self, colorful approach to health called Food & Spirit. She developed the Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner Program to provide health professionals with a practical way to apply the Food & Spirit framework with their patients and clients. She is author of Whole Detox, a book based on a whole-life, whole-systems, whole-foods approach to detoxification.

Segment overview: Dr. Deanna Minich discusses her new book “Whole Detox: A 21 Day Personalized Program To Break Through Barriers In Every Area Of Your LIfe”.


Health Professional Radio – Whole Detox

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard, thank you so much for joining us today. Our guest in studio today is Dr. Deanna Minich, she’s an internationally recognized lifestyle medicine expert, creative visionary and teacher, and author of five books. Her extensive background in nutrition, yoga and personal growth led her create a colorful approach to health called Food & Spirit. And she’s here with us today to talk about her brand new book Whole Detox: A 21 Day Personalized Program to Break through Barriers. How are you doing today Deanna?

Dr. Deanna Minich I’m doing fantastic, thanks Neal. Thanks for having me on the show.

N: Thank you, wonderful to have you here. Whole Detox, I get that part of it, detoxing completely maybe 21 day Personalized Program To Break Through Barriers in every area of your life. That covers quite a bit of ground, let’s talk about your new book.

M: Yeah, it does. That’s why it’s called Whole Detox, it’s really looking at the whole foods, the whole person, the whole self. We’re in the age of systems medicine, where we see that when we change one thing in our lives, that multiple things change. So we really do have to get at the whole, and for many years, when I was a functional nutritionist, what I noticed is that when I was doing nutritional detoxes with patients, I found that it wasn’t just their bodies that were changing, it was also their minds, their emotions. Some of them would quit their jobs and relationships or move to different parts of the world. So it was really thrilling to see that and I thought “Why should we just fragment medicine and healthcare? We should bring it all together into one unified whole.” So that’s what I’m doing with Whole Detox, is I’m really bringing together nutrition and lifestyle into one 21 day program.

N: Now nutritional Detox, nutritional being what we eat, what we put in, how do you detox when we eat every day and we’re pretty much eating the same thing? We hear a lot of news about no matter how healthy we try to eat, we’re still going to get shot by GMOs or something. How do you actually detox nutritionally?

M: Yeah, well that’s a big question. Of course the body does its own detoxing mainly through five organs – so the liver, the gut, the skin, the lungs, the kidneys. And our bodies are constantly working 24/7 to get stuff out of us. The problem Neal is that our environmental exposure to toxins has increased, so it’s been estimated that there’s something at any order of 80,000 different chemicals now circulating in our environment and that doesn’t count all of the chemicals that we produce from stress or emotions in our body, so everything has just been exponential. So what I do in this Whole Detox is I bring together a way of eating that sits those vegans and paleo or omnivores which I think is really key because I don’t believe in one specific diet. I believe that many people can follow a good, healthy, clean, whole foods approach that is very colorful no matter what their eating style is. So I mainly focus on color, as you can probably tell looking at the book cover, everything is super charged with vivid color, and that’s what I really believe in – is that we had to have those colors in food because what those colors are doing they’re not just passive bystanders. They’re actually getting in and changing how our body performs in relationship to detoxification.

N: Now we’re talking the natural color of food, not the…

M: Yup, not the M&Ms, not candy, not skittles.

N: Yeah, okay, yeah just to clarify.

M: Yeah, we’re talking bright colorful, whole foods. And Neal, I have a question for you on that note. What color do you think that we get too little of in our diets?

N: Speaking for myself, I’d have to say green.

M: It’s so interesting most people say green, but it’s not green.

N: It’s not?

M: Because there’s lots of green vegetables, aren’t there? I mean, many people may not eat a variety of them but there’s a lot of green out there. The one that most people don’t get enough of is blue/purple, 88% of people do not get enough of blue/purple.

N: And where do we get blue/purple?

M: Blue berries, black berries, boysenberries.

N: Blue berries, black berries. Ah great, okay.

M: Yeah. Purple carrots, purple kale, purple cauliflower. There aren’t so many foods right? Raisins, resveratrol that we find in red wine. There are a number of these components, it’s just that we don’t have as many of those foods, and I think that’s why people don’t get as much in their diets.

N: We can pick up all the stuff that you just mentioned at any grocery store, why are we not doing that?

M: Well because we have to make a conscious effort to make sure that we get those things. They’re not always common for everybody, sometimes they’re seasonal foods, right? So it’s not that can always find blueberries, unless we’re buying frozen blueberries which are also okay. So what I do within Whole Detox is I programmed the meals, so that every three days we’re focused on those colors and then people are instructed to have that red food shopping list, the orange food shopping list. They actually go to the store I show them ‘Here are the foods that you need to buy,’ and sometimes we just need to have our hand held in the process to learn which foods to buy, how do we prepare them, not many people are probably used to thinking in terms of color when they’re thinking about what they eat.

N: Now you’ve developed this certified food and spirit practitioner program that provides health professionals with the practical way to apply the food and spirit framework with their patients. Talk a little bit about how that differs from what myself as a lay person might experience?

M: Well I’ve been teaching to physicians and health professionals for many years, over a decade. And so when I started doing the Whole Detox work with this color and bringing in nutritional and lifestyle, I had a number of practitioners that went to the program and then they said to me “Deanna, I want to do this with my patients.” (Laugh) So I created a twelve week online program where I do a deep dive with practitioners and I actually take them through week by week, and we go into each of the facets and the different systems that we cover in the Whole Detox program.

N: Now you’re talking about bodily systems?

M: Yeah. We hear all the time, “body, mind and spirit”, that’s what we are. But my study of eastern medicine and western medicine as well, brought me to seven different systems that we need to be looking at.

N: Okay and are these systems that we can just name of really briefly here and discuss maybe a little bit, okay?

M: Yeah, exactly. And I have colors that go along with all of them. So the red is the physical body, the orange is emotions, the yellow is our thoughts, the green is love, aquamarine is our speaking, dark blue or an indigo color is our brain or our sense of wisdom, and the color white is our spiritual self.

N: Do these correspond with different types of carb groups … ?

M: Yes, I wrote a book back in 2009 called “Chakra Foods,” which essentially aligns each of those colors with foods. And for your listeners, it might be worthwhile to do, I have a quiz online that everybody can do for free, it’s called the “Spectrum Quiz,” and if you go to you can see up at the top there’s a little tab for quiz. And so you go online, you do the quiz. It will tell you where you shake out in terms of those seven systems. And then to your question, what do you do if you find out that your green system, your love system is out of balance, what do you do? So then there’s also a pdf where you can download and read a report about some of the things that you can do and actually I put those things into motion in the Whole Detox program.

N: And do you have another website as well,

M: I do. I have these two websites, yeah. So Food & Spirit speaks to the general philosophy of what I do and how I practice. And on that homepage is a huge chart with lots of colors and you can kind of see the whole system and how everything plays out, so all the colors have a corresponding things in our body. And what are the foods that you need in order to bring that part of the body back in the balance.

N: Thank you so much. You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. It’s been a pleasure talking in studio today with Dr. Deanna Minich, here discussing her new book, Whole Detox, a twenty-one day personalized program to break through barriers in every area of your life. An author, artist, yoga practitioner, and internationally recognized Lifestyle Medicine Expert, thank you so much for joining us today Dr. Minich.

M: Thank you.

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