Film Review – Winston Churchill The Darkest Hour


Guest: Brian Hinselwood

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar

Guest Bio: Brian Hinselwood is the Media, Arts and Lifestyle Editor of Business Radio Talkers.FM. He was born and raised in the United Kingdom. He left school at age 15 and joined the army to serve the country for a few years. After leaving the army, Brian moved back and forth in many different places around Germany, England, Europe and Asia, exploring his potentials while trying to earn money for a living. His career took a 360 degree turn and found his true passion when he arrived in Australia, where he became a successful actor and a renowned director in community theaters.

Segment Overview:  In this segment, Brian Hinselwood shares this thoughts on the war drama film “The Darkest Hour” starring Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Lily James. The movie is focused on Winston Churchill’s early days as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II when Nazi Germany under Fuhrer Adolf Hitler invaded and occupied many parts of Western Europe. Churchill became faced with the hard choice to either negotiate with Hitler or fight against the odds. Brian states that this is a film that no one should miss. Gary Oldman gave a wonderful performance as Churchill who is nominated for an Oscar as best actor for this year’s Academy Awards. Brian said: “I’ll be absolutely stunned if he doesn’t win an Oscar for it.”


Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar. This is Media, Arts and Lifestyle with our Media, Arts and Lifestyle editor, Brian Hinselwood. Brian, I understand you’ve been off to the movies and you’ve recently seen The Darkest Hour. Tell us what you saw.

Brian Hinselwood: I am and I have. And I have to say that prior to going to see The Darkest Hour, I wasn’t overly fussed about about going to see it. I’ve previously just seen another wartime movie that was and I thought, “I’m kind of a little over this.” But some friends were going and they insisted that this is what we were going to see, so we went to see it. I have to say I was delightfully surprised. It’s a very good movie and for people of a certain age, say those in 50 and over, they would remember some of these. Not remember them because they were there, but they would remember the story of this. And it’s based around Winston Churchill village so everybody probably knows he was the Prime Minister of the UK at that time. And he only been elected as Prime Minister for a matter of days. I don’t think it was a full week, I think just a matter of days and before all this kind of blew up in his face. And the film stars Gary Oldman. Now for anybody that doesn’t know Gary Oldman, he is an English actor who’s been around for many, many years. And he’s quite a slight man you know, when you see pictures of him, there’s not a lot to him in bulk. And Churchill again, as everybody knows was quite a rotund gentleman. And so the makeup alone is exquisite. He looks and sounds exactly like that you see in a Winston Churchill. It’s a wonderful, wonderful acting performance and I’ll be absolutely stunned if he doesn’t win an Oscar for it. It’s just a lovely bit of acting. And it really revolves around Churchill coming up with a scheme to stop the German juggernaut as it was at the time from taking over Britain and taking over Europe, the world. And I know if you’re thinking about going to the movies and you’re not quite sure, this is one that you really shouldn’t miss at all. It’s got a stellar cast, so Gary Oldman obviously as Winston Churchill and Lily James who plays Winston’s latent. Kristin Scott Thomas who plays Winston Churchill’s wife and Ben Mendelsohn who played George VI and so it goes on. And this ensemble cast just do a wonderful, you really do feel and I’m not particularly into war movies and this isn’t about the war particularly. It’s about what these people were going through in their little, I mean it’s called “The Darkest Hour” and the whole thing just takes, in fact a bit more than an hour but over a couple of days. And it’s well worth seeing, it’s a lovely piece of cinema and as I say if you’re thinking of going to the movies and you like history and even as a young person and you’re maybe not aware of what happened in those days and apart from the general outcome which most people are aware of, it’s well worth going to see. And if you’re an older person with maybe teenage children, it’s a very good bit of historical cinema that they could learn from. So that’s The Darkest Hour, I don’t know if you’re listening to this podcast but I’m sure it will be on somewhere, well worth seeing.

W: Thank You Brian. It sounds like a movie that you thoroughly enjoyed and we hope some of our listeners check it out for themselves. You’ve been listening to our Business Arts and Lifestyle editor, Brian Hinselwood on Health Professional Radio. If you’ve missed our interview, you can hear it again on iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube or you can read the transcript on our website at

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