Nutritional Consultants to Help you on your Journey to a Healthier Life [Interview][Transcript]

Guest: James Colquhoun

Presenter: Henry Acosta

Guest Bio: James Colquhoun, filmmaker of Food Matters and Hungry For Change and founder of FMTV. Along with Laurentine ten Bosch, James founded Food Matters, giving people the tools (films, books, website, TV) to take charge of their own health. His latest documentary, Hungry For Change, reveals how the diet and processed food industries are the enemies of permanent weight loss, vibrant health, and natural living. From here, FMTV was born! A place where we can access vital information by watching all of your favorite inspiring documentaries, expert interviews and recipe videos in one place.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, we welcome James Colquhoun of Food Matters, an internationally acclaimed widely popular documentary about the medical and healthcare industries. They offer information on health and wellness including healthy recipes, nutrition tips, wellness guides and the latest news on natural health.


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