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Presenter: Neal
Guest: Bob Holdsworth
Guest Bio: An active paramedic, speaker and consultant, Bob Holdsworth has spent more than 33 years in emergency medicine, including executive leadership positions in the private sector, volunteer positions in both EMS and Fire agencies, and the role of EMS coordinator, where he developed and ran a hospital-based, regional paramedic service. He is the author of WADING INTO CHAOS: Inside the Life of a Paramedic.

Segment Overview
Bob Holdsworth discusses how physicians and other Healthcare Professionals need to become “business savvy” in order to navigate the financial challenges associated with a practice.



Health Professional Radio

Neal: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard. Thank you so much for listening with us today. About eighty percent of Internet users seek online health information. About fifty five percent of the user search for medical treatment or procedure information. There’s all kinds of information online, on television, on radio having to do with the healthcare profession. Many of us sometimes mistakenly think that being a physician, a specialist, a surgeon equals huge dollar signs. Now as it is the case that there are some pretty good salaries to be had in the healthcare profession, it’s sometimes not the money that you make – it’s the money that you keep that defines your wealth. Our guest in studio today is Bob Holdsworth – a successful entrepreneur and also the co-author of “Secrets of Peak Performers: Volume II.” He’s operated many healthcare facilities, businesses having to do with First Responding. He also trains people in the fine art of First Responding. But today, he is here to talk about managing wealth – some of the things to do when you find your wealth threatened and how to market yourself to be a better healthcare provider when people are looking for your services. How are you doing today Bob?

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