PeelAways – Enjoy a Fresh, Clean Sheet One Layer at a Time

Howard Brauner, COO of PeelAways Health, discusses the bedding industry’s first multilayered, disposable, waterproof fitted sheet designed for the home, industrial and healthcare markets.

Howard Brauner serves as Chief Operating Officer of PeelAways Health.

With over 35 years’ experience in the consumer packaged goods field with a focus on product development, consumer marketing and international business development, Brauner has successfully managed multi-national businesses in the optical, cosmetics, personal care, nutritional supplements and skincare industries. He has worked with all major U.S. retailers, as well as throughout the world, developing an innate marketing sense that has led to the creation of many successful brands generating high margin profits.

Peel Away Labs is changing the sheets for consumers and institutions. Entrepreneur Maxwell Cohen knew there had to be an easier and more convenient way to change fitted bed sheets, and he created Peelaways, an innovative, multilayered, disposable sheet to address this void in the bedding industry.  Peel Away Labs was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Prior to joining Peel Away Labs, Brauner was President and Founder of BG Products, the manufacturers and marketers of Bald Guyz men’s grooming products. He has also served as President of Cosmetics 2K, Vice President Marketing of CCA Industries and President of  the Abkit Division of Asta Medica Pharmaceuticals.

Brauner holds a B.A. in TV/Radio Marketing from Brooklyn College.


Neal Howard:  Welcome to this Health Supplier Segment here on Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard, glad that you could join us. We’re going to have a conversation with Mr. Howard Brauner he’s the COO of PeelAways and he’s joining us here on Health Professional Radio to talk about the bedding industry’s first multi-layered disposable waterproof fitted sheet designed for the home, industrial and healthcare markets. Welcome to the program Howard.

Howard Brauner: Thank you very much, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Neal: What’s your background? Are you involved in healthcare other than with Peel Away Labs™?

Howard: My background is 35 years of consumer product marketing, product development,  running companies, building businesses and brands in the US as well as in the international marketplace for some major companies. In October of 2016, I had met the founder and inventor of PeelAways Maxwell Cohen, and we started talking and realized here’s someone with an0 excellent idea, excellent concept and really needed to figure out how to execute it and bring it to market which is what I do best.

Neal: Now Peel Away Labs™ is the name of the company, the name of the company is very telling. Talk about this multi-layered sheet.

Howard: Well what we have a brand new bedding concept. It has multiple patents in the concept and it’s multi-layered, disposable, 100% waterproof bed sheet. So you have a fitted bed sheet with multiple layers stitched on top of that, that are removed within less than one minute to change sheets very easily and efficiently. We are 32 percent softer than a traditional bed sheet, we are a nonwoven bed sheet that is a proprietary blend of rayon, viscose and bamboo for softness which makes this very soft. We’re 100% waterproof, nothing will go between layers of our bedding. In fact, on the healthcare side we’ve even subjected it to e coli bacteria in an accelerated oven test and no bacteria transmitted between our layers. So we provide an alternative to traditional bed linens for healthcare facilities, at hospitals, long-term care facilities,  skilled nursing facilities, as well as for home care for those that are recuperating at home, those unfortunately, it could be home hospice as well as for those who are incontinent, bed wetters, campers. The peel away concept is utilized for many different consumer groups, depending upon the needs.

Neal: What about changing sheets with a patient in the bed? I mean I have actually done that and it can take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the condition of the patient. How does PeelAways help alleviate some of that time?

Howard: So with a patient who’s bedridden, to typically change a traditional sheet, it can take one or two people depending upon the patient and the situation. But if it’s one person, you’re right, it can take up to 15 minutes. With PeelAways, sheets can be changed with very minimal disturbance to the patient in less than 60 seconds. So we allow healthcare providers and clinicians to save that 15 minutes of time for each bed bearer responsible so we’re allocating better use of healthcare time than in the typical changing of sheets that allows for better nursing care and better patient care.

Neal: Let’s talk about the cost of linens in the first place in a hospital setting. I’m sure it’s a multi-billion dollar industry as far as linens and you have to wash them and reuse them. Obviously, these are disposable or is the cost a lot less than the normal, the traditional way of dealing with linens in the hospital setting?

Howard: If you look at the benefits of PeelAways in a hospital the cost of linen is only part of the process because you have the labor costs involved with the actual changing of the linen. But in linen itself, a typical hospital sheet will be able to be washed 54 different times. So if you think about it, that means that’s being transported out to a laundry, going through commercial launderer, in order to get the sheets clean, it’s very harsh chemical and to make sure that there’s no bacteria and the sheets becomes very very rough and very very uncomfortable. A lot of times the hospital staff takes a sheet out to change the bed, it’s stained, it’s torn, it’s blood stained, it can be from another facility because it’s shared. commercial laundry. PeelAways is not to replace linen 100%. We complement the linen program at a hospital. There are certain  requirements for linen that are required for it to be there, it’s protocol from the nursing staff in order for proper patient care. PeelAways, we supplement that in wherever our type of product works well – for infectious diseases, it works well in ICU, it works well both in Singapore where we’ve launched PeelAways and in South Africa.

Neal: So how many sheets are we talking about? How many times can this PeelAways be peeled away before we have to replace it with another set of sheets?

Howard: We have multiple layers for specific incidents or specific uses. For example, in the emergency department or for patient transport or even the operating theater, we do single layers so we use it once and it gets disposed of. For the patient beds in the institution, we do three layer, five layer or seven layered depending upon the situation, that’s what’s available. Typically, a hospital will use three layers because the way the average patient stay is, that’s the number that works best. Our product is, you talked about, we dispose as regular waste unless there’s infectious material then it goes as medical waste. So when you calculate the cost of the laundry,  you mentioned that before, about 25% of all linen has to be replaced every year at a hospital due to attrition, due to theft, due to disposal, lost. And the hospital has to make good to the laundry to true up the quantities of the linen, so every time they do an audit, if there’s anything missing it’s the user that has to pay. So we also help inventory control in the specific hospital because it’s three to one hypothetically – one sheet is worth three sheets on a three layer.

Neal: So are we talking about this being adaptable to say EMT first responder situations as well? Where you have maybe several runs a night and instead of changing the sheet on that gurney, you can simply peel it away and anticipate your next call. Is that something that is in development or is it already in existence by PeelAways?

Howard: Well we do we do a single layer for stretchers and for gurneys. If the if the ambulance corps the EMT decides that the product is acceptable to do multiple peels on it, that’s their decision based upon what their protocol and their requirements for healthcare are concerned. We don’t contr how they utilize our products because they have to respect the guidelines of the healthcare industry but typically in the U.S. it would be singles. In South Africa, they’re looking in the emergency department to have seven layers so every time a patient comes in they peel a layer off.

Neal: So where can we go online and learn some more about this product and your company?

Howard:  You can go onto it’s and there we’ll talk about our products. We work with the National Association of Home Care and Hospice Nurses. We’re members of the Wound Care ostomy and Continence Nurse Association. We participate with the American Nursing Association. It’s the clinicians supporting us because we are providing better patient care, we’re allowing them to better manage their time and we’re providing a softer, better product for the patient so it’s more comfortable. So in doing both of those, it’s a benefit and on the home care side, it’s a very big benefit to the caregivers – for someone who’s doing home care especially if there’s incontinence involved or wound keepers. Changing sheets becomes very costly if you’re going out to a commercial laundromat, it’s terrible. If it’s a home laundromat, your water bills and your electric bills, this is just a much easier way to work. But PeelAways Health will give you the information about the product.

Neal: Well thank you for coming in today and speaking with us today Howard. It’s been  a pleasure.

Howard: I appreciate it. Thank you for your time Neal, you have a wonderful day.

Neal: You do the same. You’ve been listening the Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard on this Health Supplier Segment, in conversation with Mr. Howard Brauner of PeelAways Health. Transcripts and audio of this program are available at and

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