Scott-vincent Borba Talks About His Most Recent Book “cooking Your Way To Gorgeous”

Scott Vincent Borba
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Scott Vincent Borba
Guest Bio: Scott-Vincent Borba is a top celebrity esthetician who has been a frequent guest on Extra, QVC, Rachel Ray and Good Day LA, among others. In addition, he has received coverage in People, US Weekly, OK!, Cosmopolitan, Prevention, the NewYork Times and the Wall Street Journal. A pioneer in nutraceuticals, his BORBA line of products is sold in many stores across the country. His most recent book is COOKING YOUR WAY TO GORGEOUS

Segment Overview:
Scott-Vincent Borba discusses some of the foods that contribute to healthy skin. He also talks about his most recent book “Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous”.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello, your listening to Health Professional radio. I’m your host, Neal Howard. Our guest today is Scott Vincent Borba. Scott Vincent Borba is a top celebrity esthetician who’s been a frequent guest on Extra, QVC, Rachael Ray, Good Day LA, among many others. He’s also written his most recent book, “Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous”. How are you doing today, Scott Vincent?

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