The Fact In Weight Training

Natalie Carter
Presenter: Katherine Lodge
Guest: Natalie Carter
Guest Bio: Natalie is a personal trainer for 12 years. She is a blogger and owner of New Outlook Fitness. Her websotes and blogs can be found at,,

Segment Overview:
Nat talks about the misconception of people in weight training.


Health Professional Radio

Katherine Lodge: Thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Katherine, and today we’re joined by Nat Carter. Nat is a personal trainer with over 12 years’ experience in the industry, and she enjoys working with clients to achieve what they want in terms of fitness. She is a blogger and the owner of New Outlook Fitness. Today, she joins us to talk about – how can we remove sugar from our diet to lose weight and also keep the results long term? So, welcome to our show, Nat.

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