An Innovative Approach to Primary Care and Aged Care Integration [transcript] [audio]

Guest: Lou Pascuzzi, CEO of TLC Healthcare

Presenter: Henry Acosta

Guest Bio: Lou Pascuzzi is a well-known and respected executive with a demonstrated track record in both the entrepreneurial and corporate sectors. He began his career in the healthcare industry almost 20 years ago when he founded Peak Health Management. Over 13 years he built Peak Health Management to be Australia’s largest and most successful corporate health management company. In 2010 Peak Health Management was successfully acquired by BUPA Australia Ltd. Lou moved to Healthscope to head up their Medical Centres (Primary Care) Division. During his time at Healthscope, he transformed the Healthscope Medical Centres brand, making it the leading provider of chronic disease specific primary care in the Australian market.

Based on his achievements at Healthscope & Peak, he was invited to institute the same strategies at Australia’s largest primary care provider, the Independent Practitioners Network (IPN) owned by Sonic Healthcare. The initiatives he implemented have proven to be a resounding success on multiple levels.

Lou arrived at TLC Healthcare in 2013 tasked with utilising his entrepreneurial primary care background to rejuvenate the aged care industry.

Segment overview: TLC Healthcare is one of Victoria’s largest integrated healthcare providers with residential aged care at its core. TLC owns and operates community medical centres that are conveniently co-located with their residential aged care homes. With facilities across Melbourne and the Geelong region, TLC‘s mission is to be leaders in innovative and integrated healthcare renowned for providing wellbeing to their communities. The organisation’s core values are respect, accountability, excellence, collaboration, integrity and innovation. In this interview, CEO Lou Pascuzzi talks about their innovative approach in their services, focusing on the integration of primary care into residential aged care.

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