Top 10 fertility myths – Part 1


Presenter: Katherine
Guest: Dr. Andrew Zuschmann
Guest Bio:  Dr Zuschmann brings fertility expertise to The Shire. Born and raised in the area, he has a history of commitment to women’s health. He combines the latest techniques and innovation with a reputation for sensitive patient care. Importantly, Dr Zuschmann is the only fertility specialist who provides all fertility treatments in The Shire, from egg collection, to embryo transfers, to patient monitoring. He will keep you informed every step of the journey.

Segment Overview
Dr. Andrew Zuschmann talks about the Top Ten Fertility Myths.


HPR – Health Professional Radio

A normal menstrual cycle is 28 days.

Every woman is different and therefore every menstrual cycle is different. A ‘normal’ menstrual cycle can vary from 21-35 days. One of the reasons for this myth can be directly related to the cycle of oral contraceptive pills. The Pill is designed to manipulate the women’s cycle to be a perfect 28 days, although this can vary dramatically for those who have never taken the pill or have recently finished using it.

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